Friday, October 11, 2013

Photo Friday: Death Valley

So my sister works (and lives) in Death Valley National Park, and of course I'm going to go visit her.  Just wish I hadn't picked September 30th, 2013 as the day to arrive....

The next couple weeks will be about that trip, as much as I can make it with the government shutdown.  I'll start with just some general pictures, though there's no way to capture the huge scope of the place.  It was amazing and beautiful and desolate all at the same time.

Welcome to Death Valley!  Fortunately the highways through the park are owned by the state of California and they aren't bankrupt (yet) so they are still open.  Except the ones closed for flash flood damage.  And the one down to Badwater, 'cause even with ranger patrol that place is dangerous.

The northerly sand dunes.  Still open because how are you going to stop people, really?  Best place for star gazing, but the night we planned to go it was really windy.

Northern Salt Flats/ Dry Lakebed (not Badwater).  Again, very hard to close off since you can park on the side of the state road and walk out to it.

A little creek ran into the lakebed, which means you have to watch out for slushy, salty quicksand.

Yeah, doesn't quite capture it.

Nor does this.

Just before I left, without really thinking about it, my mother-in-law asked me if I had checked the weather forecast for the week.  Um, sunny and hot.  Pretty much every day.  It gave us a chuckle.

More to come!

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