Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hocking Hill State Park, near Logan, OH

So I normally write these up on the weekend and schedule them to post during the weekdays, but our interwebz was down at the house and now we are crazy busy.  So the best I can do for you just now is some photos and info on Hocking Hills State Park in southeastern Ohio.  We used to camp and hike there when I was a kid, and the grandparents took the 3 oldest goobers this year.  The pics really make me miss this place- it's perfect for hiking with a dozen or so interesting trails, a couple swimming pools, and great campsites.  If you aren't the camping type, they have a sweet lodge and cabins.  You can hang out there for a whole week and not see everything but not feel like you've wasted any time, either.

The photos are a bit out of order, they are hard to sort.  Enjoy.  And start planning your trip!

 Cedar Falls in a time of abundant rain.

 Looking for skipping stones.


 Plenty to climb on.

 Lodge pool.

 High and dry hiking.

 Creekside hiking

 Campground pool.

 Hiking as difficult as you choose to make it.

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