Thursday, August 1, 2013

Buffalo Bill Cody State Park, Nebraska

After achieving fame and quite a bit of fortune in his mid-life, William "Buffalo Bill" Cody had a permanent home built near North Platte, Nebraska, where his family stayed during his many shows and he would come to relax between tours.  He named it Scouts Rest Ranch and intended to eventually retire as a gentleman farmer.  It's now a state historical park and museum, and you can also camp there.

Admission is $2 for adults and $1 for kids 3-12, so for the price, it's a great place to stop, stretch your legs, and see a little history.  You have to pay the state park entry fee, though, too ($5, we bought an annual pass for all parks).  The tour of the house and the grounds is self-guided.

Cody had many gifts from his Native American friends.  In his youth, he was a pony express rider, trapper, buffalo hunter, trail guide, and Indian Relations specialist.  For a great deal of that time, he and the Indians were respected adversaries, but as time went on he became more protective of their property rights and treatment.  Many consented to be in the his Wild West Show out of their respect for him and to show the world their culture and history.

Out back is a cabin Cody and some of his partners used in their trapping, hunting, and guide days.  It was transported from its original location.

 The stables were immense, but the original land of Scout's Rest was very large, so they surely needed the horsepower.

A 22 minute video about the life of Buffalo Bill Cody screens in the barn.  It's well worth the time.

Posters from his European tours included pictures of the royalty who had patronized his show.  One poster for the ladies and one for the gentlemen, the celebrity endorsements of the day.

Outdoors they keep some young bison in a pen.  These were still shedding their winter coats.

 I have to say for the price and the time spent, this is one of the most interesting stops we've made along the road.  If you are traveling along I-80, I suggest you stop for a driving break in North Platte.  There are plenty of eating places in town, mostly fast food, or you can picnic or even camp at the ranch.  Nearby is also the Golden Spike Railroad Tower

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