Friday, June 21, 2013

Screamin' Oaks Farm: Tonganoxie, Kansas

Tonganoxie is west of Kansas City by about an hour.  It wasn't far from us when we lived at Fort Leavenworth.  Screamin' Oaks is a private farm of sorts, little more than a house and a barn and several animals, and is run by a lady who makes stuff from goat's milk.  Visits must be scheduled in advance, whether for your family or a school or social group.  It's a great little place to take Cub Scouts or Brownies, or a MOPs or preschool group.

The kids got a chance to see turtles.

And they got up close and personal with a turkey.  He had kind of an attitude.

 Actually the turkey and two outcast roosters roamed the place like some sort of gang.  They took themselves waaaay too seriously and made a hilarious posse.  All they need were tattoos.

The kids got a kick out of feeding the chickens.

The farm is named "Screaming Oaks" for the peacocks.  If you don't know what a peacock sounds like, well, go there and find out.

This donkey held long conversations with a horse a pen over.  Like, for reals.

This is Natalie after being told her ice cream was made from goat's milk.  They had chocolate and pumpkin flavors on-hand.  Both got a thumbs up.  Mike and I also bought some tomato and basil goat cheese which was great on crackers.

All the kids got a chance to milk a goat, and we learned all sort s of cool goat facts about how goats are named (the first letter should tell you the year they were born).

Natalie was astute enough to observe that goat are different from cows because they only have "2 nozzles."

Some of the things we learned about goats and their milk is that around the world, goat milk is more common than cow's milk.  It's gentler on the stomach and is often tolerable to people with lactose problems.  Tastes pretty yummy, too.

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