Sunday, August 19, 2012

Costa Rica: Zip-lining!

The last thing set up by Desafio was zip-linings.  After they dropped us off from canyoneering, we barely had time to get back to our room, change clothes and get back to the hotel lobby.  For every other event, we had been with other people from our hotel and others, but for some reason we were alone on this one.  That meant we didn't have to spend any time waiting on other people, but it also went very quickly and there was less standing around and soaking in the experience.

They took us to another hotel only a few minutes up the road, suited us up, then we walked up a bit of a hill and climbed up to a platform.  This time we used our own camera and didn't bother with the pics they took.

Here we are all suited up.

We took turns holding the camera and shooting pics of each other.

We saw and heard some howler monkeys along the way.  I wanted to see a sloth, but we never did the whole trip.

Some of the lines were about a kilometer long.

You have to jump/pull yourself up you they can hook you to the wire (while standing at the edge of the platform), which is what I'm preparing to do here.  On my right hand you can see my "brake."

And off I go!

Mike took this shot mid-flight on one of the longer lines.  Costa Rica is beautiful.

And here I come in for a landing.

This tiny viper sitting in one of the trees was pointed out by our guides.  Mike and I kind of doubted he was real, though we didn't test it.

Towards the end we got low enough in the valley that we were right above the river.

On the last line, you had the option of flipping over and going upside down, which we both did.  It put painful pressure on me in personal places, so I didn't last more than a few yards before I grabbed the harness with my hands to ease the weight.  So no pictures of that I want to share....

They pulled us back up the valley to our starting point in a trolley pulled by a tractor.  Very bumpy, but better than walking!

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