Friday, August 24, 2012

Costa Rica: La Fortuna Catarata

After all that fun stuff, Mike and I had a couple free days, so we scoured local maps and asked around for where we should go.  We settled on the local waterfall.

A few bucks got us into the park and from the viewing platform we could see the falls.

Arenal Volcano stood watch nearby.

The gift shop was also home to an enormous spider.

As we made our way down the trail, which wasn't bad as we don't mind rugged hikes, we got several peeks at the falls as we got closer.

Found a really cool tree along the way.

Finally we made it to the bottom...

and the falls...

We were brave enough to get in the water for a shot, but it was pretty cold, and as you can see, the falls are heavy enough that you don't want to get much closer.  The day was warm, but in the shelter of the falls, the shade made it much cooler.

We hung for an hour around the bottom where it flowed out into a small river.  Unlike many similar American sites, there were no real restrictions- you went at your own risk and could go just about anywhere.  I collected a few unusual volcanic stones.

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