Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wayside Wednesday: Santa Fe Trail

The remains of various wagon trails across the country can still be seen.  Outside Dodge City, Kansas, you can pause for a few minutes and wander among wheel ruts and imagine you are headed west 170 years ago.

It's hard to see in the photos, but in many places the trail was eerily clear.  Wagon trains usually traveled 4 abreast so they were better able to circle up and create a defensive perimeter in case of Indian attack.

We were there at the same time as a mini-van load of Mennonite teens.  As they left, we heard them loudly saying they would "look ___ up in their iphones."  I think they said it for our benefit and were just teasing/trying to shock us because a) they were teenagers, and b) they know how people think they are quaint.

My kids had never seen a wild cactus.  They are easily thrilled.  Miriam spent most of the time chasing (and catching) giant grasshoppers.

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