Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wayside Wednesday: Daniel Boone's Grave

Heading back to I-70 after Purina Farms, we stopped at the site where Daniel Boone is buried.  It's on the road atlas as a historical site, but it's not very well labelled sign-wise.  We found it by turning east off Missouri 47, then left/north at the T intersection.  A small parking lot on the right side of the road is across from the hill graveyard.  There was no real shoulder so it made us nervous to cross the street with all the kids.  Once in the tiny cemetery, I had to put a leash on Nicholas to keep him from climbing on tombstones and from tumbling down the steep hill and down onto the road.  You can see he wasn't too pleased.

The kids were struck by some of the ages of some of those buried there.  We were able to puzzle out some of the relationships between people based on dates and some info.  Some stones were unreadable, but the local historical society has been researching and restoring them.

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