Monday, July 2, 2012

Science City at Union Station

I woke up one morning to a message on the dry erase board.

Fortunately for Sam, it was a good day to go.  Most of the recent renovations were complete.

Miriam, who wants to be a paleontologist, had a blast digging for dino bones until the rubber crumbs got in her shoes.  They also have a U-shaped room with windows where you can watch real scientists cleaning off fossil bones.

Here she is with a replica of a dino leg.  She told me all about it, courtesy of her favorite show, Dinosaur Train.

 Nicholas' favorite place was the mock sewer, which is really a giant playground.

Nicholas and Natalie on the pulley chairs.

"Alligators are real live dinosaurs, Mommy."

Sam spent most of his time in the mind-puzzles.  You can buy most in the gift shop as well.

Another of Nicholas' favorites was the water table.

In the background you can see part of the Mister E Hotel, full of optical illusions.  Your eyes will be buggy by the time you get 2/3 through.  Other fun stuff to do includes a small space section, a music corner, a young kids playground, and a planetarium.  Overall, Science City isn't much compared to other children's museums we've been to, but it will kill a few hours.  Speaking of which, it's only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, plus a couple Monday holidays.

It's not technically part of Science City, but free of charge is the train models around the corner.

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