Thursday, June 21, 2012

Legoland in Florida

As one of our last hurrahs before moving out of the Sunshine State, we went to Orlando and once again hit DisneyWorld and Universal Studios.  Then we swung down to Legoland, where everything is made of plastic bricks...

 The dynamic sculptures were most impressive to me, but the kids were more wowed with their favorite series:

There were a variety of playgrounds for different age levels, and several rides that even very little kids could enjoy.  Here we are on the "safari," with water-squirting elephants and animals with sound effects.

Four roller coasters (not made from legos, but made to look like it) in different themes (dinosaurs, dragons, flying, and racetrack) have height requirements, but none is very extreme.  Island in the Sky lifts you up on a large, slowly rotating platform and gives you a view of the whole park.  Other rides include a double decker carousel, a target laser-shooting course, a fire department competition, medieval jousting on a track, boat driving, and car driving (one like city streets for big kids, one like bumper cars for little ones).  Basically there's plenty to keep you busy at just about any age.  And if you don't feel like riding anything, you can just take a stroll across the country...

There were little seasonal touches if you looked for them.  It was December, so here the Secret Service are investigating a clatter that arose on the rooftop.  Even the reindeer have their hooves in the air.

Fixing the monorail on the Vegas Strip.  I would LOVE to work here.


There are several eateries and snack bars within the park.  All of them are overpriced like amusement park food.  We ate at the pizza buffet, but I don't think it was worth the price.  I guess we paid more for the convenience.

We sold the whole trip to the kids as a Christmas present, and as part of it, they were allowed to pick something out at one of the gift shops.  There are many themed ones around the park to match the section (castles, Egypt, cars, etc), but all of the kits are found in the main store near the front as well, so don't think you have to buy it when you first see it if you don't want to carry it around.  However, themed non-Lego items were only found in the small shops.  For instance, Miriam chose a foam sword and shield rather than Legos.  They are pink and bejeweled and decorated with unicorns.  The boys all went with Star Wars kits (shocking!) and Natalie got a small house.  Of course, it's all melted into the massive pile now.

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