Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Travel Tuesday: A Little Bit of Low Country

We loaded up and hit the road last month, going the gramma's in a roundabout way. It actually wasn't too bad going it alone. We took it slow and enjoyed the journey. Our first stop out of the gate was this place 30 miles into South Carolina.

It was less museum and more visitor's info center and gift shop. Kind of disappointing, but if I had wanted info on SE South Carolina attractions, it would have been handy. Out front was one of those gorgeous classic southern live oak trees.

Out back was a fabulous climbing tree. Even I itched to have a go at it, but the sign said not to. Also behind the house are the remains of some Confederate breastworks built as a fall-back position in protecting the railroad nearby. They were never used.

There was a place to picnic, but we weren't hungry yet so we pressed on to Colleton State Park, where we got out and hiked a little through the cypress groves. They had nice camping facilities and river access. It wasn't even that buggy, but the weather was on the dry side that week.

There were enough bugs, though, to keep us from picnicking. We decided to head back to the interstate and eat in the car, but then we saw a sign we had missed on the road to the park:

We didn't have time to pick our own, so we bought a container each of blueberries and blackberries. The kids assured me the blueberries were the best they'd ever eaten (I'm not a fan unless they're in muffins), and the blackberries were HUGE and very juicy. Since my kids have never had the experience of actually picking blueberries, the lady allowed us to go to the first row and pick a few straight off the bushes. I had the cutest picture of them, but somehow it's disappeared.

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