Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Travel Tuesday: Arabian Nights Dinner Show (Orlando)

Mike came home for a four day weekend, so we decided to make a short trip with the kids to Orlando and see some stuff we've never seen before. We got all our reservations and tickets (vouchers) at the MWR office on base the day before.

This time we decided to splurge on one of the dinner shows. We chose Arabian Nights because it was the least expensive (at least through MWR) and the kids have lately been obsessed with the movie "Aladdin" (as in play the song du jour on continuous repeat until I find myself singing "Friend Like Me" at Target).

There was some kind of hold-up in the will-call line, so we only caught the tail end of some belly dancing in the pre-show show, but they still had some salad and pasta and bread out for us to grab on our way to our seats. Right after we got settled, they called the kids down to the arena for some games. They brought out a couple trashcans of stick horses (which Nicholas promptly slammed on the mulch ax-style) and played Simon says and red light/green light.

After sending the kids back, a couple of the VIP seating kids got to come down and help introduce a few of the types of horses. As for the show itself, if you're looking plot, it's not really there, but there was enough plus cheesy special effects and sparkly costumes to please the kids. Some of the acts are hard to appreciate unless you have some experience with horseback riding. Again, the kids were all impressed.

The "gypsy" act was by far the most entertaining. There was jumping from horse to horse and acrobatic tumbling. Flash photography is allowed, but video taping is not.

As for the dinner, it was okay- you are paying more for the show. The server in the row below us was far more involved and entertaining than our own. Our kids all chose the mac and cheese with chicken nuggets and gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up. For the adults, you get all the Pepsi products, Bud Light, and a choice of a couple wines you want, otherwise alcohol is extra. You are also expected to tip your server (not that this is bad, but something to be aware of at this and other dinner shows). The last thing I would add is the show runs really late, so if you have little ones, have them take a nap beforehand if you can.

Overall it was pricey, a cheesy show, and okay food. But the kids really liked it, so that's what really counts.

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