Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Travelin' Tuesday: The Importance of Carseats

So I'm officially declaring Tuesdays on this blog will be about traveling, because I have a backlog of places to tell you about, and here's hoping it is enough to get me to start going through them! To kick this off, I want to start with a public service announcement about seatbelts and carseats since it is National Child Passenger Safety Week.

While I was growing up, seatbelts were practically an obsession in our household because my grandfather died in a slow-speed wreck he could have walked away from had he been wearing even just a lap-belt. My dad was only 11 at the time. Needless to say, it changed his whole life.

For a good portion of my childhood, my dad worked as a police officer and/or a fireman, and he brought home countless gruesome tales of accident scenes where people hadn't worn their seatbelts. Some of them would be loaded into ambulances, moaning that they or their children didn't like to be belted because it was too confining. Well, now the lucky ones are just confined to wheelchairs. I took a fair amount of ribbing in high school and college because I refused to ride or drive a car unless everyone was belted, because anyone not tied down becomes a projectile.

For obvious reasons I am still obsessive now with my own kids. Not that they appreciate it at the present time.

Today I was contacted by the CDC's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control and asked to post a link to their safety blog, and I said I'd be honored to do my part to spread the word about this very important issue. It's written by Dr Arlene Greenspan and called Mom, why do I still have to sit in this “baby” car seat? which I know is a question we've all heard. That and "Honey, do they really need to still be in these boosters?" There's lots of good information plus links to guidelines and where you can go for National Seat Check Day on Saturday, September 25.

If you have a blog of your own, please spread the word and the link. You may not have a huge audience, but if you end up saving just one child, it's more than worth it.

Till next Tuesday, Safe Travels.

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  1. That's the truth. Seat belts are mandatory in our house. Surprisingly, my kids are MORE likely to freak out if I move the vehicle and they haven't finished buckling yet (in the car pool line, for example, where there is much horn-blowing if you don't start moving the second your door shuts...). Have you ever forgotten one? Twice I have skipped a child - mostly because something happened that disrupted my buckling routine. Both times said child made it known before we got very far, but still.

    My family's seat belt story: I had a great uncle who was a truck driver. Seat belts were new-fangled devices and he never wore one. He refused - even after it became law - because he once watched a fellow truck driver burn to death at an accident scene because he didn't know how to work the seat belt to get him out. My theory is that if he had used one regularly, he could have saved that man...

    You're doing a good thing.