Friday, May 14, 2010

Space Shuttle Atlantis

I took the kids out of school early so we could go see the shuttle launch. I figure the inspiring sight of the human race's greatest technological acheivement is worth seeing up close. And while you can see it from our house on a clear day, it's not very impressive looking except for how fast it goes. We saw a night launch last year, and it was amazingly bright. However you can't see much except for a white light.

So we headed south before lunch and arrived in plenty of time to hit Wendy's for frosties before wandering to a patch of grass near the intracoastal waterway about 6 miles due west of the launch pads. The kids behaved great, especially considering how much traffic there was and how many side streets we crossed, not to mention US-1.

T-5 minutes...

For some reason I can't get my video of the launch to load. I'll try with a second entry later.