Friday, October 23, 2009

Connor's: Even Better Than Last Year!

Last year I talked about Connor's A-Maizing Acres, and we went back on Saturday. Our last visit was during the last public weekend, and it was cold and drizzly, but we had a great time. This time the weather was gorgeous and the place was hoppin' so we got to see even more stuff. As most of the general info is the same, I'm just going to talk about the new-to-us experiences.

The corn maze was a good time- my double-wide jogging stroller made it through everything with no problems. There are 2 high wooden platforms with staff members supervising and to help find lost kids, and this year's clues were about 4-H which is celebrating a big anniversary in Florida. However, we weren't the only ones the clues didn't seem to work for. No matter, I just went where the kids wanted to go and once they got tired of walking in circles, we made our way back out.

One thing we definitely missed out on last year was the pig chases. You could register for one of the contests by age group and take your chances at a nabbing a squealer. Winners got a bag a chips. Miriam now says pigs go "WEEEEEENNNT!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEENT!!!!!!"

These water pumps are used for rubber duck races:

The kids got a big kick out of climbing on (and jumping off) the huge hay bales put together to make tractors.

The cow train was again a big hit. The driver makes the ride pretty long, not just one of those puny circles.
At the barn you could feed the animals- 2 dixie cups of feed for 25c. To my amazement, Miriam didn't even hesitate to stick her little hand up to the cow's mouth.

We also got some pumpkins which were reasonably priced, considering they were shipped in from New Mexico. The joy of carving will be next week...

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