Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sea World Pics

So here's the SeaWorld pictures. I didn't include the Shamu show, etc., because they always look so tiny, and I think my kids are more photogenic anyway.

Here we are at the kids' section where there are some rides and a large play area. It was freakin' hot though, or we might have spent more time there. Kids got soaked in the splash area, too, and we cooled off with slushees and water.

My shirt says "Actually, I AM a rocket scientist." Mike spoils me, he really does.

This is the child you could be saving with GEICO.

Feeding Stingrays:

These are from the hotel pool the next morning. It's good to expend energy before cramming kids into the car for several hours.

I have no clue who the stud in the background is. The bald one, that is. The red-headed stud muffin is Nicholas.

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