Monday, August 31, 2009

Animal Kingdom Pics

We did Disney's Animal Kingdom on our 2nd day. Lots of people don't like it as much as the other parks, but it has quite enough to make it worth a day if you are there for more than one. All the grown-ups enjoyed the "It's Tough to Be a Bug" show, but it freaked out Sam big time. I guess he was expecting just a plain movie, but got a much more physical experience. They've got a neat-o Mt Everest themed roller coaster which goes backward for a stretch and also a soak you-through-to-your-underwear river rapids ride. The time traveling dino experience scared the crap out of the kids.

Nicholas was thrilled to ride a train up and back to the conservation center and petting area. Much of the park is set up like a zoo, but the African area especially is set up cleverly to make it like a Safari. You ride in the back of a large truck past enclosures set up to make it seem like you are actually in with the animals, and you get to chase poachers. If you are prone to motion sickness, try to sit near the front where it's less bumpy.

Another large section is devoted to dinosaurs and has some carnival type rides and a large play area.

In the shady forest walks there are lots of places for kids to climb around.

This is so typical of my dad, "Make it look like it's eating his head!"

Maybe because the park is less crowded/popular, it a lot easier to get your pictures taken with characters. There was hardly any line.

Nicholas LOVES Donald Duck. Unfortunately, the day had gotten the better of him.

The park closes at 6pm, which is the earliest of all the places at WDW. We had supper at the RainForest Cafe on the way out (with reservations for our huge group), then hitched a Disney bus back to the hotel where our loaded cars were ready to take us to an Orlando hotel for our next stop (SeaWorld- pics next time). We were all pretty tired, sweaty, and content.

Until this picture. Shortly after this photo was taken, Sam told Mike he felt sick. Then he hurled all over the bus floor. The half-full bus became empty of all other passengers at the next stop. The driver was really sweet about it, though. Wonder if we ended his shift early.

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